Connect RICH CRM with QuickBooks Online

Cloud Cart ConnectorInsert Invoices or Sales Receipts into QuickBooks
Easily sync orders between your e-commerce solution and QuickBooks on a regular basis. 

Sync Contacts from QuickBooks to RICH CRM
Use our scheduled task system to sync contacts from QuickBooks to RICH CRM.

U.S. and Canadian Sales Tax Support
Offering the best Sales Tax integration of any of our competitors, Cloud Cart Connector supports GST with QuickBooks Online Canada. Our solution can use QuickBooks tax rates or apply tax as a line item, better integrating with 3rd party tax providers.

Customer and Product Mapping
Our solution can match customers by name, company, or use a single customer for all orders. Cloud Cart Connector finds products by item number, description, or manufacturer part number. If no customer or product exists, our system will create a new one.

Intuitive, Web Based-UI
Click on the help icons for details on each field.  Fields are broken down by function, which enables you to quickly make changes.

Online Demo
Here is an online demo of the integration:


Get the Plugin Here!

RICH CRM QuickBooks Installation

To use Cloud Cart Connector with RICH CRM, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to with your Intuit account
  2. On the configure page, choose RICH CRM
  3. Enter your RICH CRM user name and password
  4. Leave the URL field as is
  5. Click the blue button

For more information about the Cloud Cart Connector for QuickBooks, visit their website.

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